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Family Law

Zarran Law provides legal services to individuals that include but are not limited to domestic violence, dissolution of marriage, establishment of paternity, child support enforcement, modification of timesharing and child support obligation, and family mediation. Zarran Law also assists in providing preparations for many premarital and post-marital agreements.

At Zarran Law, we attend to your every need with the law. One of the most unfortunate but commonly handled issues in our society is the dissolution of relationships or marriages. Child custody is another issue that is included in Family Law. Other Family law related issues include domestic violence, parental rights, prenuptial agreement, and surrogacy. Team up with an expert attorney at Zarran Law that will help you in your case with any issues you may have in Family Law.

Family law cases are highly complex. That is why there is a need for attorneys to be competent and have the proficiency in dealing with all types of Family Law cases. The knowledge and familiarity with the different areas of family law such as the divorce, assets, premarital agreement, and real estate is very important. Here at Zarran Law Firm, We have knowledgeable attorneys that are competent and are aware of all the laws for family law cases.


If you need a divorce attorney in South Florida, don’t hesitate to contact us. Rest assured that you are hiring the expert in many divorce cases. At Zarran Law, we have the experience to handle your divorce and we understand the divorce law of South Florida as well as divorce law to other states.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence cases are serious matters. The accused and the victim are both affected. It can affect your life in many ways. At Zarran Law Firm, we closely worked with our clients in order to focus and discover legal protections. We will empower you by providing the legal tools necessary for you to protect yourself from further domestic violence.

Child Support

Child Support is one of the most sensitive cases. It can affect the child’s emotion. Here at Zarran law, we will help you by navigating through the complex issues of your child support case.

Child Custody and Timesharing

Here at the Zarran Law Firm, we are always handling child custody issues. We have all the experience in assisting our clients. We will develop the appropriate solutions to your particular case. Here at Zarran law, we will help you find solutions to your situation.

Here at the Zarran Law Firm, no matter how complicated you may think your situation is, we will always find ways to assist you.

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